Here’s how it would work.

Get inspired by real world circuits. Use Google maps to study your favourite driving road or just the trip to the supermarket. On our website sketch the space you have available, a couple of tables pushed together or the whole floor. Then start with a simple oval or a track┬áby another user. Add or remove corners and adjust until you’ve got it just how you want it. Then choose a style. Think rally or urban street race, modern F1 or 1970s Le Mans, and submit your design.

We’ll use the laser cutter, accurate to a 10th of a millimetre to cut your design into FSC certified Italian maple plywood. For transport and storage we’ll divide it into sections roughly 100x50cm (no forcing circuits to conform to an arbitrary grid here!) and use German-made 4mm jack plugs to connect the power between them. The contact will be tinned copper braid, glued in place with industrial strength double sided tape. The road surface can be left natural or painted as you requested. The wood is sealed with a hard wearing clear varnish. The track comes with crash barriers to match.

Then we’ll add the very best components:

  • Throttles with configurable power curves and brake functionality.
  • Variable power supply so the little kids can play during the day and the big kids can get serious at night.
  • A stable of beautiful cars to match your style, race prepped, with chassis and motor upgrades where necessary. Spare tyres and pick-ups of course.
  • Full featured race management hardware. Quickly set-up your race and get the results at the press of a button.

And then you’d have your dream slot track!

Personally, beyond the track and barriers I’m not interested in scenery. Of course it’s nice to look at in an exhibition but it doesn’t make sense for a track that you can put away. Besides you wouldn’t want to worry about destroying a beautiful tableau of picnicking race fans when you come off at the corner.

For me it’s all about the racing.

And what about expansion? Well, there are plans for a web interface for returning customers too.

Of course since I’m currently prototyping, all of this could change :-)
Particularly based on your thoughts.