Analogue beats digital

miszeroed calipers

Early one morning, after a few pints the night before, there’s panic in the workshop. All the things we’ve cut so far are slightly the wrong size.

How can this be?

We measure again, check the image files, scratch heads as we get increasingly concerned, nothing makes sense. In fact we are on the point of recalibrating the laser cutter when the penny drops.

Somewhere along the way I’ve accidentally pressed the zero button on the digital callipers while they were slightly open, something that’s impossible with the old fashioned analogue ones. It’s a relief, everything is the right size, no need to recut yesterday’s batch and yes, Craft Tracks Racing wouldn’t be possible without computers but I can’t help thinking of CDs versus vinyl or an old wind-up watch. There’s wabi sabi in analogue.

Which perhaps explains why I prefer 2 track, side by side, classic analogue slot racing to digital.

Thanks to Toby at LightTouchLasers for the photo (and his understanding at the time!)