The best circuits perfectly balance the corners and straights. You are on the throttle, off the throttle, on the throttle, off the throttle. The concentration and the rhythm can lead to a wonderful state of flow. And then to do that with friends, racing side-by-side, lap after lap. Well, you can’t wait to get back to it.

But the track always disappoints. An afternoon gone with set-up. Frustration at the lack of variety in corner pieces and the jerky transitions between them. Struggling to make it interesting and still join up. The sections that intermittently stop working. Cars catching on the joints and coming out of the slot. Plastic track flexing or even working itself loose. Bumps where the track meets the outer borders. Power levels that fluctuate with the speed of your opponent. The boring black surface. It breaks the spell, stops the flow.

And so I’m going to solve all these problems at once with my own laser cut wooden track. It goes up in minutes. The interleaved design is ‘walk on it’ strong and lines up perfectly every time. The wood makes a wonderful flat surface. Hi-fi quality jacks connect the power. Laser cutting allows beautiful smooth curves. And of course you get to decorate any way you want.

And that means more racing pleasure!