beautiful bespoke
wooden slot racing tracks

Laser cut from Italian maple plywood. Exactly the shape you want. Decorated in any style you can imagine.


Take the school run from GoogleEarth. Dress it up as a Tokyo street race.

The Classics

All the great F1 corners in a single circuit. From Eau Rouge into Becketts and accelerate out to the Parabolica.

Old school

The local kart circuit, 1970’s Le Mans style. Take over the living room floor!



Craft Tracks Racing is a classic "scratch your itch" project. We love slot racing, the cars, the fun of competition but we wanted a better track. Realistic curves, solid power connectivity, smooth driving surface. Building our own was the only answer!

Want one?

Me too! But despite the slick website Craft Tracks Racing is currently just a hobby. I'd love it to be a business but I've no idea how big the market is. If you are super keen it would be great to be in touch!